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easy casting styles

Because lure fishing from the shore is all about casting light lures, it is important to use a casting style that loads the rod, enabling the lure to be cast as far as possible with the least amount of effort or concentration.

simple overhead style

diagram of overhead cas

The easiest casting style to start with is the simple overhead cast as illustrated above; squarely facing the direction you want the lure to go. This style of cast allows you to concentrate on releasing the line to achieve the maximum distance. If you release the line early (fig. 2) the lure will fly high in the sky, release the line late (fig. 4) and the lure will drill into the water. Release the line as in fig. 3 and the lure will drop gently into the water just as it stops moving forward.

Once the line release is mastered, polish up the the hand and arm positions; in fig1. the reel hand is above the elbow of the butt hand, whilst in fig4. the elbow of the reel reel hand is above the hand holding the butt of the rod. This is achieved by pushing the the reel out whilst pulling the butt in the opposite direction.

over shoulder style

diagram of over shoulder cast

A more natural over-the-shoulder style with your elbow pointing in the direction of the cast, allowing you to twist your body to achieve more power and distance. With experience and confidence the over-shoulder cast will develop into a full side cast when the situation dictates.


When standing above the water on a rock or pier, hold the rod in a retrieve and land positionsrelaxed downward position. This will ensure the lure will not rise to the surface until the last moment during the retrieve. Alternatively when fishing a shallow sandy beach hold the rod upright to encourage the lure to swim much higher in the water.

fighting and landing

As soon as the fish takes the lure lift the rod tip high in an effort to bring the fish to the surface and away from potential deep snags. Although it initially difficult—support the rod handle across your forearm and elbow to gain full manoeuvrability to fight fish.

single hand casting

positions of single hand casting

In the 1970's and 80's this was the casting style I used for bass spinning using a home made 9'0" hollow glass fibre, short handle, spinning rod. This was matched with an Abumatic 170 reel loaded with 10lb Maxima mono line, 15g weight and 172mm Red Gill. I found it to be the most exciting way there was to spin for big bass. This still seems to be the most natural way of casting a light lure, as the action is more like throwing.