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Official statistics and regulation guidance

Bass fishing guidance, updated 23 February 2017.

Monthly UK sea fisheries statistics.

concept sea angling

LRF video with George Cunningham of TronixPro

The Rock Fish Files, 1 HRF for Wrasse with soft lures.

The Rock Fish Files, 2 LRF & Soft Lure Special Edition.

The Rock fish Files, 3. HRF for Bass

Light Rock Fishing at Swanage Pier.

Dropshot angling for bass

essential links

Mike Ladle; Operation Sea Angler

more about wind strength and speed.

weather and tide times around the UK.

more general information about spinning.

about the seasons of the sea around the UK and much more.

about the European Bass

places to spin for bass

all of the good spinning venues on Portland.

good detailed information about fishing and family activities in Portland and Weymouth

Shoun McSeveny's, fishing around Weymouth and Portland.

fishing venues in West Dorset

good detailed infomation of all of Dorset sea fishing venues.